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Coquerel R, Arkoun M, Dupas Q, Leroy F, Laîné P, Etienne P (2023) Silicon supply improves nodulation and dinitrogen fixation and promotes growth in Trifolium incarnatum subjected to a long-term sulfur deprivation. Plants, 12 (12), doi:10.3390/plants12122248

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Amy C, Avice JC, Laval K, Bressan M. (2022). Are native phosphate solubilizing bacteria a relevant alternative to mineral fertilizations for crops? Part II: PSB inoculation enable a half-reduction of P input and leads to beneficial shape of microbial community in rapeseed rhizosphere. Rhizosphere 21:100480.  doi:10.1016/j.rhisph.2022.100480

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SERAPIS: Du soufre intelligent pour les cultures. Connexions n°54, Octobre 2013: p 14-15. Web



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